Action Points

Following are some suggestions on how you can use/act on the 2015 NCCW Resolutions.  By using even just one suggestion for each Resolution, you will be part of the effort to support, empower, & educate our Catholic women.  Be The Voice!

Consecrated Life Resolution Action Points

  • Include prayers for vocations at all meetings.
  • Become aware of local religious orders & tour their facilities & learn of their mission focus.
  • Assist local orders in raising funds & awareness of their needs.
  • Purchase goods that may be made by the order to financially support them.
  • Offer an NCCW membership to a motherhouse or group of sisters.
  • Invite your priest to speak to your CCW group.
  • Honor special anniversaries of your priests.
  • Create a monthly prayer calendar for daily prayers for your pastor or bishop.
  • Invite a religious man or woman to speak on the Year of Mercy.
  • Take a priest out to dinner to celebrate his vocation.
  • Send an appreciation card to a sister or priest.

NCCW Website Action Points

  • Include the posting of the NCCW website address in all publications & printed information that is distributed to council members at meetings & in all e-communications.
  • Diocesan presidents could encourage parish affiliate members & individual members to go to the NCCW website “at least once” for their information.
  • Diocesan presidents, PD’s, etc. can use the website to check on the accuracy of local memberships.
  • If a D/ACCW has a page on their diocesan website, put the NCCW website link on the diocesan website or at least display it prominently on your page.

End Persecution of Christians in the Middle East Action Points

  • Publish the Angelus Prayer in parish bulletins & diocesan papers & explain the purpose.
  • Invite guest speakers to increase the awareness of Council members on the persecution issue.
  • Pray the Angelus Prayer at local, diocesan, & province meetings.
  • Collect donations for relief organizations that help displaced & persecuted Christians.
  • Read publications/books that describe the lives of our fellow Christians in the Middle East so you can discuss the topic.

Influence of the Media on Marriage & Family Action Points

  • Print the Media: What is the Message? program from the NCCW website & refer to it at meetings & publicize it.
  • Use the USCCB website for information on media.
  • Distribute Media: What is the Message? brochures in parishes & at Council meetings.
  • Publish awareness articles in parish bulletins & diocesan newspapers referencing the websites cited in the resolution.
  • Organize workshops & presentations by guest speakers on the topic of media for use at meetings.