Purpose: To provide information to the National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) on the issues surrounding child abuse and explore what is referred to as Children in Abusive Situations.
Whereas, Pope Francis attended the World Meeting of Families in the United States and called on all to restore the sanctity of family life; and
Whereas, Families are called to grow in love with each other and with God, that their children are gifts from God and need to be cared for;  
Resolved, That NCCW members pray for the issues of child abuse; that they partner with their Catholic Charities Offices or other social service agencies to educate themselves on the needs of children, and support or initiate programs to help families in abusive situations;
Resolved, That NCCW members will work to eliminate all forms of abuse involving children.
Submitted by: Spirituality Commission
Author: Beth Mahoney, Chair