Prayer to End Domestic Violence

O, Lord, our society is struggling with the stress and breakdown of our families due to many 
causes, one of which is violence. Violence can be physical, emotional and verbal.  We are all
Your children and deserve love and respect. Please help us to take a stand if we suspect
someone is in a violent situation and to assist them in finding refuge, counsel, and the help they 
need to learn Your will for them. We will always couple our actions with humble prayers for 
Your guidance. We will also strive to aid the victims in the family who witness the violence 
towards a loved one in order to try to break this cycle of behavior. We beseech You to help us 
find the courage to do what is needed to walk the path Your Son showed us. In His name, Jesus 
Christ, we pray. Amen.

Prayer was written by members of the NCCW Spirituality Commission 2014