Prayer for the Victims of Abuse

Loving and merciful God,
    you have brought us together
    in the name of your Son
    to receive mercy and grace,
    healing and comfort in our time of need.
Open our eyes to see the pain and suffering
    caused by the abusive behavoir of some
    members of our Church.

Enlighten our minds to understand its devastating
    impact on the lives of these victims,
    on the lives of their families and friends,
    and on the Church.

Touch our hearts with your tender compassion
    and convert us to yourself.
Grant us the grace and courage
    to forgive those who have hurt us
    and to ask forgiveness of those we have harmed.
Where sin has divided and scattered,
    may your love make us one again.
Where sin has brought weakness and hurt,
    may your power heal and strengthen.
Where sin has brought death,
    may your spirit raise to life.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Archbishop John Vlazny of Portland, Oregon, NCCW Episcopal Liaison  July/August issue of CW 2002