Prayer for the Membership of the National Council of Catholic Women

Lord, we thank You for the countless blessings You have bestowed on the National Council of 
Catholic Women (NCCW) since its founding in 1920.
We thank You for the many gifted women who have served, and those who continue to answer 
the call to serve You and Your children through NCCW.
As members of the National Council of Catholic Women, You have called us to be workers in 
Your vineyard.
We pray for the graces we need to be courageous and committed leaders in the Church.
We pray that NCCW will continue to grow and thrive through the generosity of our members 
and all who support our Mission.
We ask for Your guidance, Lord to support, empower and educate Catholic women throughout 
the country so that we may be an active and united voice in our church and in our society.
May we always use the gifts obtained to build up Your Kingdom as we reach out and connect 
with Catholic women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to serve You through Gospel oriented 
programs and services.
Lord, we place our needs in Your hands. We ask all these things through the intercession of Our 
Mother and Good Counsel, Patroness of the National Council of Catholic Women. Amen.