How We Are Organized


The structure of The National Council of Catholic Women follows the Provincial structure of the U.S. Bishops. An Ecclesiastical Province includes one archdiocese and all the dioceses under the leadership of the Metropolitan (Archbishop). Each province chooses a Director from its local CCW leadership to serve on the NCCW Board of Directors. Province Directors and the elected officers are the voting members of the National Board of Directors of NCCW.

National Board of Directors

National Officers
Province Directors
National Staff (support and reporting only)

The National Council of Catholic Women elects its leadership (officers)  through an electronic at-large vote of the membership. All members, both NCCW individual members and Affiliates are eligible to vote.


There are two types of membership; Affiliate members and Individual Members. Both join and pay dues to NCCW. Affiliates are any group of Catholic women in the parish, deanery/vicariate/district, Archdiocese/Diocese. An NCCW Individual Member is any Catholic woman in the United States. Often, individual members ALSO belong to a local parish affiliation, but this is not required---membership is open to any Catholic woman in the United States.

Each level of Council plays an important part in the mission of NCCW.


NCCW has a multi-leveled structure of communication which connects all levels and allows for information to flow in both directions. When all levels are active, the organizational structure is efficient and effective. (Please refer to the chart below.)

CONNECT, a monthly electronic newsletter; the NCCW Website; our quarterly magazine, Catholic Woman, and e-blasts are the primary way national leaders communicate with the membership. Affiliate Presidents and Individual NCCW members receive these publications as a benefit of membership dues. Some provinces and many Arch/Diocesan CCW Affiliates also have newsletters and websites to disseminate information.


…Information flows in both directions…

The National CCW is responsible for policy, governance and direction.
The Province CCW allows for regional input into the national discussion and decisions on issues, concerns, programs and initiatives.
Archdiocesan and Diocesan CCW Affiliates are where the action begins and the issues, concerns, and programs of NCCW and the local diocese are implemented.
The Deanery/Vicariate/District CCW Affiliates provide a more local level and opportunities for leadership development as well as a conduit for information.
The Parish CCW affiliate is the heart of the organization, where the programs change lives, the issues have faces, and the initiatives become a reality.
Individual members and CCW groups/affiliates at all levels may submit issues/topics for consideration and acceptance as resolutions at the Annual Meeting at the National Convention.