RESPITE trains local volunteers to help family members care for loved-ones at home by offering relief and renewal to the family caregivers.  The NCCW program includes a curriculum to train volunteers, materials to promote the program, and a group insurance program for Respite volunteers.  The NCCW Respite program, if implemented by the Diocese is regulated by their own safe environmental criteria.  The USCCB mandated that each Bishop select which program they would use and more than 80% of all US Dioceses use the program called Protecting God's Children.  All volunteers must complete this PGC class, which is a once in a lifetime class, and they must have a current criminal background check on file with their parish or diocesan office.  Criminal background checks are good for 5 years and then must be updated if the volunteer is to continue.  It is necessary for each diocese to know what is required in their diocese.  All volunteers must complete Respite Care basic training and have all safe environment criteria in place before being placed with a client.   Since NCCW provides our insurance, we must have all components in line and cannot misrepresent NCCW or any of our dioceses.