"Women Healing the Wounds" Domestic Violence Resource
Domestic Violence Resource
"Women Healing the Wounds" - $15.00
You can save someone’s life…even future generations!
You may not think you know someone affected by Domestic Violence but you probably do and just don't know it. It could be a family member, a person in your church, a friend, or your neighbor. Not knowing doesn't save lives, information can.
Members of the National Council of Catholic Women are woman of faith striving to live the Word of God. Through our united efforts and prayers, our goal is to provide education and resources to make ending Domestic Violence a reality.
This 52 page document is a comprehensive tool including ideas for meaningful projects, education, a safety flyer and much more. It can be utilized in many different ways, by sections or as individual pieces.
To help understand the issue and its impact on everyone
What the Church says
What role we as women can play
A section on Teen Dating Violence to help our future generations
As well as a variety of resources