Media Resource

Media: What is the Message?

Ask the Parliamentarian Resource

Ask the Parliamentarian
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Protocol Points Resource

Protocol Points
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Women Healing the Wounds: Domestic Violence Resource

Domestic Violence Resource
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Women Healing the Wounds: Domestic Violence Brochure

Domestic Violence Brochure
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New Evangelization Program Resources


A program of the NCCW Leadership Commission designed to help members and affiliations discover and actively participate in sharing the Good News, the Joy of Jesus ---the New Evangelization! This program as well as a promotional brochure is downloadable. 
If you would prefer to order a bound copy of the program instead of printing it, please contact the office to order.

ATTENTION all parishes with a Spanish speaking community: We are delighted to announce that "We Are Called to Witness" has been translated into Spanish. Both editions can be used by a bi-lingual study group since they follow the same format and pagination. We are so grateful to Maribeth Stewart, NCCW's WUCWO representative, for making this happen!

Estamos llamadas a dar testimonio - Un programa del Consejo Nacional de Mujeres Católicas (NCCW) diseñado para ayudar a las socias y asociaciones a descubrir y participar activamente en compartir la Buena Nueva, la alegría de Jesús y ¡La Nueva Evangelización!

"We Are Called to Witness" Lenten Calendar - For a Lenten calendar of ways to use the "We Are Called to Witness" program, click below.
Lenten Calendar
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New Evangelization bookmark: Ready to download and print.