Service Commission Advocacy Call


Opening Prayer – Prayer for Women’s Concerns (From the DV Resource) Nancy Poll

Kathy Bonner facilitated the call.

Tonight we are going to talk about a program, which consists of 4 separate parts under the umbrella of Women Healing The Wounds. (the online 52 page resource, the printed version that can be ordered, the Women Healing The Wounds informational brochure, and the Women Healing The Wounds Achievement Recognition program.)

A. Online document, Women Healing The Wounds  NCCW Responds to Domestic Violence.
How to obtain the resource:
Go to, the resource is currently on the home tab under the Spotlight section.  When you see the logo, Women Healing The Wounds, NCCW Responds to Domestic Violence, you click on the Learn more tab. You will find the page that explains the program.

On the explanation page in the lower right corner, it has the links to download the complete program for free.  It will also have the links for another resource, which is included.

When you download the 52-page resource you will see the Table of Contents page….
Some devices will let you click on the information you are looking for, and it will go directly to that page.  Or you can choose to scan through the document on your own.

The resource tells you:
  • What is Domestic Violence?  With a quote from the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
  • What is the difference between normal conflict and abuse, or violence? (Pg. 5) It is more than a disagreement.  It is not just a case of the abuser having a bad day or drinking too much.  It has no place in a relationship.  There are examples and warning signs in a relationship.
  • The Power and Control wheel:  With examples of violent behaviors. (Pg. 6)
  • The Equality Wheel: Examples of how it should be. (show to young dating) (Pg. 7) These are both excellent examples to show others what to look for/avoid in a relationship.
  • What is our response to the issue and what can we do as Catholic Women?   (Pg. 11) We are not called to ‘fix’ the situation; we are called to know the available resources to help the situation.  We are called to share our faith, and we know there are many different ways to do that.  We must call on the power of prayer.
  • Why should members be aware of the issue?  Even your knowledge can make a difference.  (Pg. 13)   It can happen in any family, community or parish.  Being knowledgeable could save a life.
  • What you should do if you know of someone experiencing domestic abuse:    (Pg. 14) Be knowledgeable of the different dimensions of this issue so you can help make it better not worse.
  • Past Resolutions…NCCW has been, and is continuing to work on this issue. (Pg. 19 & 20)
  • What is the church’s response?  (Pg. 22) Official statements from the USCCB.
  • Several other sources of information from the bishops (USCCB).  (Pg. 23 & 24)
  • Very good articles by a cardinal, and an archbishop. (Pg. 26-28) 
  • An abundance of resources  (Pg. 30-40)
  • A whole section on Teen Dating Abuse:  Useful information for parents and teens

Included in the resource, to utilize in meetings/projects:

  1. NCCW Called to Action  (Pg. 17) There are several ideas for use of material:  including praying for victims, abusers, that they will seek help to change, the families of both, those that will be called upon to help: law enforcement, clergy, doctors, counselors, judges and the staff at the abuse shelters.
  2. What We Can Do   (Pg. 15-16) Print and handout this two page piece, use in planning CCW events, give to someone that has the calling to be involved on a part time or full time basis.   (Brochures can be ordered from nccw.)

    There are ideas for yourself or your affiliation to be involved.  (On any level) 

  3. The Safety Flyer:  Go to the Link just below the one you used to download the online resource.  The flyer is included in the online resource, but you must download it separately from the link in order to customize the flyer.
    The top portion is all finished for you.  At the bottom are thin vertical looking strips that say, local shelter and phone.  This is where you can customize it for your local area.
    On the next page it gives you the instructions for accomplishing that.  Once you have downloaded it to your computer, just place your cursor on one of the vertical strips.  Highlight the current wording and on one side, type in the name of your local shelter.  On the same strip on the other side, type in the phone number.  It will automatically type in the correct direction. 
    Once you have customized the Safety Flyer get them located in as many women’s restrooms as possible, as this is a safe place where they are not with their abuser.  A woman can tear off one of the tiny strips. It is small enough to hide in her bra or shoe so the abuser will not find it.  
  4. Use the HopeLine information for a program to collect used cell phones.       (Pg. 18)  It can be a one time, or an on-going project.  Your Council can collect them and turn them in at a participating Verizon store.  They refurbish and download 3, 000  anytime minutes and texting capabilities, and program them to dial 911.  These are then given to qualified women’s shelters, which in turn give them to the women.   We have included an information source to learn how to remove any personal information from your donated phone.  Don’t forget to donate the phone CHARGERS
    (Page 18 can be printed and handed out for publicizing the program.  Verizon also has more helpful information on their website.)
  5. Layout of four prayers: (Pg. 12) Print and handout as a whole sheet, or print on card stock, and cut into individual prayer cards for events.   Use the prayers during CCW meetings.
As a benefit of your membership NCCW has made this entire resource available so you can download and print it for free.  With a color printer, you will have the best results, but it can be printed in black and white.  You can insert it in a three ring binder (The type with the plastic front, would allow you to place a color copy of the cover page of the document.)

B. Printed online order resource:
You can order by going to the website.  Click on the tab NCCW Shop.  Under publication resources, you will see the Women Healing The Wounds Domestic Violence Resource. It will be bound, and in black and white, at a cost of $15.00.  Available now. Currently they are updating the website.  Until sometime in April, you can go to the bottom of the order form, and click to download it to your computer.  Print the form, fill it out and mail, or fax your order.  Of course, you can call the office and place your order.    When the website updating is complete, you will be able to place orders online.

A quick and easy informational document to hand out     
It has been referred to, as ‘a mini seminar’.
The brochures 6 categories are:
What Can Be Done:  If you are a victim 
What Can Be Done: If you know a victim 
Be Prepared to Leave …info we would not always think of having available 
Action Items that can be done to help
Dangerous Myths
Did You Know, facts and statistics
Two other important parts of the brochure are:

Donors:  Listed are the names of those who donated to make this current free printing possible, including free postage.  If we need more printing in the future….keep in mind any possible sponsors.

Customizing:  Just below the listing of donors is a place to put a small address type sticker that you customize to include the local shelter information. Print a sheet of stickers, the size to fit the space.  Include the local shelter and telephone number, and then place them on the brochures you will be distributing.

The brochure is NOT to be copied….that is why it is available for free with no postage.

You can order brochures from NCCW.  Go to, click on the NCCW Shop tab, look for publication/resources.  Go to the brochure, which is free.  The ordering process will be the same as the printed document (listed above).  

Consider getting brochures for your meetings, conventions, etc.  Order some to distribute to the other ministries in your parish, your local Knights of Columbus, diocesan offices, etc.

Some members have handed them out/or taken to events such as:
The Knights of Columbus, The Pro Life Action Meeting (which included multiple counties/pregnancy center leaders), CCW meetings, and the CCW table at the parish ministry fair.  Sheila, our NCCW President Elect took them to the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, and Carolyn, our NCCW Secretary, shared it with a nurse friend at the hospital, and she will be sharing it with the head of the local women’s shelter. 

D.  Women Healing The Wounds Achievement Recognition: 
This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight and share the meaningful projects your organizations are accomplishing.  Go to on the front-page, to download the information.  There are 6 categories from which to choose.  Pick the one in which your domestic violence project belongs, fill out the requested information, and send it in before the deadline of July 10, 2015.  The top projects in each category will be recognized at the NCCW Convention in September in Orlando, Florida.  Don’t be left out, let your light shine….we have already received our first submission!
Now that we have gone over the material does anyone have something to share about spreading the program?        Or questions?
Several women shared ideas and experiences.
To end this evening’s call I would like to leave you with this thought… I truly believe that if I am going to use the energy to put my ‘all’ into a project, then I might as well put just a little more effort in, to accomplish multiple benefits from one effort.  What does this have to do with NCCW and our project?   
Every-time you talk to someone about the issue, or present information, ask yourself how could we achieve multiple benefits from the occasion?

When you give out the brochure tell them that they can access the 52-page Women Healing The Wounds Domestic Violence Resource online at

When you send them to the web page, they will not only find the resource, but they will get a look at everything NCCW is doing….the wonderful new website, the great new programs, We Are Called To Witness, The Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn, Mary’s Mantle and so much more.  What could happen? Maybe more members, maybe more prayers, maybe more can be accomplished.

Every time you use something from the resource, promote the Achievement Recognition program.  When councils enter their projects in the Achievement Recognition it allows NCCW to see the wonderful efforts the women of this nation are accomplishing.  It allows NCCW to say thank you. It allows members to show what NCCW is really all about.  It might be the stimulus for others to go forth and replicate the efforts that have been showcased.

When you handout the brochure to other groups in your parish and diocese, you are helping to dispel the old vision people have of Council.  Pioneer a new path to help others and spread the real message of Council.

When we build our strength as Catholic Women, we can make a difference, and the more we do together, the more our voice will be heard.   One effort….multiple benefits!  It is the smarter way to work.  The most important outcome is to save a life and help end this destructive problem.  Closing Prayer – Prayer to St. Germaine – (From DV Resource) Nancy Poll