Service Commission Leadership Call

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Karen Painter, Laura Dodson and Nancy Poll

There were 45 people on the call form IL, CT, WI, FL, WI, MI, OK, OH, MD, TN, and TX.

Nancy Poll, Service Commission Chair, welcomed facilitators and callers before opening with a prayer.
“Praying The News” – Live Christ, Give Christ – Pauline Books  & Media

Karen Painter, NCCW Representative to Religious Alliance Against Pornography and Service Commission Member
  • Internet:  Computers and Tablets
  • Cell/Smart Phones
  • Television, Magazines, Books

Laura Dodson, Service Commission Member
  • Church’s Message
  • Prayer 
  • Resources
      (SummarySummary )

Nancy Poll thanked the facilitators and callers before closing with a prayer: 
To Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Patron of the Electronic and Digital Media 
(Live Christ, Give Christ – Pauline Books & Media)