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95 Years ago NCCW was Born!




“By the first decade of the 20th century, a national organization was needed to play a more active role in U.S. Catholic life.” And so on March 4, 1920 the National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) was founded by the US Bishops.
The purpose of the women's council was 
1. To give to the Catholic women of the country a common voice and an instrument for unified action in all matters affecting Catholic or national welfare.

2. To ensure proper Catholic representation on, and the proper recognition of Catholic principles in national committees and national movements affecting the religious, moral and material well-being of the country.

3. To stimulate the work of existing Catholic women’s organizations to greater service and usefulness in meeting the needs of our times.

“The Women's Council will not take the place of any existing Catholic society…its aim is to supply what we now lack and to keep and to aid every existing Catholic women's organization.”
From “The First 75 Years” by Ruth O’Halloran, pp 9-10

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Women Healing the Wounds

Domestic Violence Resource
You can save someone’s life…even future generations!


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We Are Called to Witness


A program of the National Council of Catholic Women designed to help members and affiliations discover and actively participate in sharing the Good News, the Joy of Jesus ---the New Evangelization!

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When you join the National Council of Catholic Women, you are part of a national organization that speaks for your Catholic values and supports, empowers and educates all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. Join us today!

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Your NCCW Board in Action

Women Healing the Wounds Achievement Recognition


Your CCW can Make A Difference and help End Domestic Violence!

Read and print the Submission Guidelines for the Women Healing the Wounds Achievement Recognition Project sponsored by the National Council of Catholic Women.  
Pick a project and then follow the directions to submit your program/project.  Don't wait! The deadline for submission is July 10, 2015.

The top projects in each category will be announced at the National Council of Catholic Women Convention in September 2015.

2014 Accomplishments

NCCW accomplished a great deal in 2014. Check it out!

NCCW Resources, Programs, and Partners

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